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Kawin Technology’s R&D team is comprised of 40 scientists, includingoverseas returnee experts and local talents with doctor and master degrees. Among them, one was selected for China’s prestigious national “Recruitment Plan of Global Experts” (aka “Thousand Talents Plan”) and three were selected for the Zhongguancun “High-end Leading Talents Program”. Majority of the team hold a master or doctoral degree.

The R&D team is led by two renowned veterans: Dr. Yunde Hou and Dr. Hai Pan. A widely respected molecular virologist, and a member of the Chinese Academy of Science, Dr. Hou serves as Kawin Technology’s strategic advisor. Dr. Pan heads up the R&D center and is responsible for Kawin Technology’s R&D strategy and execution. By concentrating on key processes of recombinant protein drugs, Kawin Technology has built a highly effective and dynamic R&D team synchronizing molecular biology, fermentation, purification, formulation, pharmacology and analytics.